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We are a Mexican company created by three of the major worldwide players in the field of machining; Alpen Tech, Mesa Parts & APIC.

AMAPARTS began operations in Mexico in 2013 and is committed to implement competitive and stable production processes in order to assure the quality in our products, focusing in the series production of high precision mechanical parts for automotive industry. To reduce risks in ramp ups, we are looking for projects with SOP at the JV – partners in Europe.

AMAPARTS has the most modern equipment. We focus our investment in flexible and sustainable machines, but always related to specific customer projects, which match with the core competence of the JV partners.

Precision Machining
AMAPARTS is committed with the implementation of the most modern production processes in order to assure the quality in our products and exceed our costumers’ needs, focusing in the series production of highly complex mechanical components for automotive industry.

Our competences go beyond expectations. We develop stable production processes along with the most advanced engineering solutions, to provide the best service and reliability to our customers.

Merging different working philosophies and diverse cultures into one make AMAPARTS a strong and solid company with the best standards in our core values, assuring the best experience for our customers while working with us.

Precision Machining

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